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Hold On Till May

I walked through the yard, peering through the treetops. I knew she would be up there, she always was.

Vic- 14 years old
I climbed high into the branches, ready to strike the animal which was rustling around with a sharp stick. I stopped when I noticed it wasn’t an animal. My arm was still held high in the air, which was making the girl in front of me shiver. She was a tiny girl, but couldn’t have been much older than me, Her dirty blonde hair was like a birds nest, tangled and unkempt. She had a black eyes, and various scars down her arm. A ratty grey shirt with “A Day To Remember blazoned on the chest covered all the way down to her knees.
“D...d…don’t hit me.” she whimpered, her voice cracking and choking on tears. I lowered my arm, feeling a look of intrigue take over my face.
“Are you ok?” I asked her, and she shook her head. I shuffled closer to her, and she moved further back. She began to fall out of the tree. I grabbed her wrist and hauled her back into the tree. She regained her balance, before looking at me with a horrified stare. She tugged against my hand, and I let her go.
“Who are you?” she asked me.
“I’m Vic Fuentes. You’re in my backyard. Who are you?”
“Taylor Jardine.” she mumbled, looking away. I shuffled closer to her again, and she didn’t move. We sat in silence, swinging our legs off of the branches, watching the sun set. My mother called out from the kitchen, breaking the silence.
“I have to go… do you reckon you could some back tomorrow?” I asked, and she nodded.
“Of course, Vic.” she said, and smiled for the first time since I met her.

Vic- present day
I climbed up the tree, looking for her face. Sure enough, she was there, swinging her legs off the branches like she did when she was 14. I climbed along slowly, sliding myself in next to her.
“Hello Tay.” I whispered, as not to scare her. She turned to look at me, and her eyes were mirroring my face with tears threatening to cascade over.
“You’re home?” she said, sniffing and swallowing, trying to stop the tears.  “That’s a change.”
“Well the band  has a break for two days here, so I stopped in.” I said.
“Big deal. Guess you’re official now.” she sighed, looking away again.
“I want you to come with me.” I said firmly. She refused to look at me.
“You’re lying. You don’t give a flying fuck about me, Vic.”
“I’m not. Tay, do you remember being 16? The weekend in August?” I asked her, and she nodded, wiping a tear away with her hoodie.

Tay- 16 years old
‘”Then Tino and Austin pounced on Alan and Phil and BAM!” I trilled, and Vic laughed. I silenced myself for a second, listening to his laugh. He sounded strangely female when he laughed.
“These guys sound interesting.” he smiled. I nodded enthusiastically.
“You’ll have to meet them one day.” I said. The conversation stopped, and all that could be heard were birds chirping.  Vic was staring at me. I couldn’t stand having his eyes on me, so I distracted myself by tearing a leaf off the tree. I felt the moisture from inside the leaf spill over my fingers, and smiled slightly at the feeling.
“Why are you so distracted?” he asked, snapping me out of my little daydream.
“I just have a lot on my mind.”
“Like what?”
“Like Lex being in hospital. He’s not doing so well.”
“Not to mention the fact I’m so in love with someone that I can’t tell them. Ever.”
“Oooooh, who might this be?”  he asked, wiggling his eyebrows. My stomach dropped, and I realised that I would have to tell him.
“Umm… First, I need to know. Do you know what it feels like to be so in love with someone that you fawn over everything they do or say, but you can’t ever date them for fear of your life changing, even for the better?” I asked, and he nodded.
“All the damn time.” he sighed.
“Who’s yours?”
“I can’t say, just like you can’t. Is yours Phil?”
“Is it someone you’ve never told me about before?” he asked. I felt a lump building in my throat, and I swallowed it as best I could.
“You’re the only other person I talk to except for them.” I stated calmly.
“Oh.” he mumbled, looking away, “so you’re in love with me.”
“Yeah.” I sighed. I expected him to leave. To walk away and pretend I never existed. I expected him to never speak a word to me again. I did not expect him to lean over, and softly place a hand on my face.
“Well I guess I don’t need to tell you mine.” he chuckled softly. I placed my hand on his, curling my fingers between his knuckles. I could feel the callouses and the bumps from his guitar. Neither of us broke eye contact as he leaned in. Our noses brushed and we held this position, just staring. We lowered our hands, linking them properly.
“Are you sure about this?” he whispered, his breath tickling my face. I nodded, and his eyes sparkled in joy. Although we had both accepted what was coming, we didn’t lean in that final distance. It was as if we didn’t want to let go of the friendship built up around the tree.

Vic- Present day.
"I still feel that way. I've missed you." i sighed, going to climb down the tree, "now are you coming or not?"
"Of course i'm coming. I'm not letting you go again." she smiled, sliding off the branch, landing gracefully on the ground. I jumped down the rest of the tree, landing next to her. I held my arms out for her to fall in, and she did so. I tilted her face up with my finger, and quickly captured her lips. She smiled, her cheeks a bright red.
"Come on, let's get you packed." I said, grabbing her hand and leading her towards her house.
A little short onepiece about Vic Fuentes and Tay Jardine :)
blessmeatsix Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student Writer
I remember you telling me about this; it's even better than I thought it would be. <3
NicoleMeAtParamore Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student Writer
did you doubt me? :(

i kid i kid, thanks you <3
blessmeatsix Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student Writer
No, haha, I just didn't know what they story would be about. The fact that you kept it so close to the real meaning made me like it more than if you had made it about something else. I would have loved it either way, though. c:

You're welcome <3
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