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I sat toward the back of the class, as per the norm for me. The jocks sat up the front. This was an odd premise, but trust me, any excuse to get online and look up porn and protein powder… I began doodling on my paper, not quite paying attention to my teacher. He could have been talking about how awesome I was and I would have been oblivious.
"MR QUINN! I HIGHLY DOUBT MUTILATED HEARTS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MULTIMEDIA!" the teacher burst out, snapping me out of my revere. Everyone was looking at me. I looked down at the paper, and sure enough, there was 3 completely fucked up hearts on it.
"Fucking pansy." one kid mumbled. I pulled my fringe over my eyes, and looked back down. Obviously, Austin having a heart problem was plaguing my mind more than normal today. I saw a brown blur move towards one of the windows, so I peeked out through my hair. Sure enough, Vic was standing there, pointing and laughing at me. Quite obviously, he heard my teacher yell at me. The teacher looked up just as Vic began to move. The teacher ran to the door.
"YES SIR!" I heard Vic reply, and knew that he was saluting him, army style. I chuckled at the thought, receiving more judging looks from the class. I then looked around the rest of the class. Where was Austin, anyway?! The bell rang, almost as shrill as my voice when I sang, and I was first up and out of the door. I looked around, knowing Vic could come flying out from around a corner at any moment. I finally saw him coming.
"Hey asshole!" I exclaimed, as he approached, running down the stairs to tackle me.
"You got fucking owned by that teacher!" he laughed. I responded by punching him lightly in the stomach.
"So, what on for food tonight, Nandos?" I asked, and he nodded enthusiastically. We began to walk towards the library, close to the exit of the school. Tomorrow. Tomorrow we finished school for good. Today was the last day of classes, and tomorrow was graduation. Naturally, Vic, Austin and I were skipping it. No-one wanted us in our grad photos, and to be honest, I didn't want to be in them either. The notion that everyone gets closer at the end of school is fucked up, and not true.
"I don't know why they don't just give us our diplomas tonight." Vic grumbled. He hated this place more than I did.
"Because tonight is prom. Can't distract the world from drunk sluts and bow ties." I giggled, and Vic rolled his eyes.
"Did you get invited by anyone?" he asked, and I shook my head.
"Did you?" I asked, and he nodded.
"Taylor Jardine asked me." he said simply. I stopped walking in shock.
"What?! Jardine?! She's a babe! Did you say yes?" I exclaimed, getting funny eyes from many people.
"No! I could tell she was joking anyway. That Sierra girl and the Jenna one kept laughing behind her, and she couldn't keep a straight face! I would have rocked up to her house and some buff douche bag from the footy team would probably hit me in the face and then walk out with her." he grumbled, looking away.
"Are you sure? Taylor seems to be one of the more considerate members of the popular group." I asked, and he nodded bleakly again.
"Positive. She was kissing Gaskarth yesterday anyways." he sighed I shook my head, looking through the crowds for Austin. Finally, I saw what appeared to be a beanpole sticking out amongst the rest of the crowd. I ran towards everyone, and began calling out his name
"AUSTIN!" I roared, trying to grab his attention. He looked in my direction.
"KELLIN?" he yelled, not being able to see me over many of the other students.
"AUSTIN, DOWN HERE!" Vic yelled, and he finally looked down enough to see us. We pushed a few people out of the way, and with Austin's help, cleared a path towards the gate.
"Where were you? We had multimedia!" I asked him, when we finally made it out of the gates.
"I had to talk to the principal. Someone dobbed me in for my tattoo." he laughed. Vic tittered from further ahead, on his skateboard.
"Twenty bucks says it was Franceschi!" Vic yelled back to us, and I snorted. The goody two shoes. Of course.
"Really? On your last day?" I asked and he nodded, still chuckling, "well that's just fucking ridiculous. Was it Franceschi?"
"Yup. That kid has serious issues." Austin sighed, "on the plus side, we're done! WE DID IT!" he roared, beating his chest like a gorilla.
"WOOOOOOOOH!" Vic yelled, flipping his skateboard up into his hands so he could walk with us.
"I can't believe I made it through so many years in that hellhole!" I laughed, and Vic nodded. We walked in silence for a while after that, just taking in the fact that we had finally finished school.
"Vic!" I burst out, breaking the silence, "did you tell Austin about Taylor?!". Austin shook his head to end the daydream he would have been in.
"What happened with Vic and Taylor?" he asked. His eyes seemed burdened with worry, a look I saw too many times in a day.
"She played a practical joke on me, asking me to go to prom." he sighed, looking straight ahead. Austin stopped dead in his tracks.
"That would explain it…" he trailed off. I looked back at him, puzzled. He looked like he was thinking hard.
"Explain what?" I asked, walking back to face him.
"Earlier, I heard someone crying in the music room. I went in and I saw Taylor, bawling her eyes out. I don't like her that much, but she looked devastated, so I calmed her down. She just kept saying 'he said no' and 'I wasn't joking'." he said. Vic's face dropped. "When she stopped crying, she told me how she had liked this guy for ages, and she finally asked him to prom, and he said no. Not to mention… Gaskarth… he… did some things. Things he could get in a lot of trouble for. She's not ok. Now, I'm actually worried for her." he said. Vic looked at the ground.
"Well shit." I muttered. "Vic, this may seem like a long shot, but do you have any suits at your house?". Vic shook his head, still looking at the ground. I could tell he felt terrible.
"Kellin, what are you thinking?" Austin asked, and I chuckled.
"Boys, suit up! We're going to prom!" I hooted, and Vic looked back up.
"I have a few spare suits at my house, I'll run and get them. Meet you at Vic's in five?" Austin said, and we both nodded, running for Vic's house.
I know this is probably shit... but you know, whatever.
Special surprise for: =blessmeatsix :)
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Tae-Rai Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This is great! :D
blessmeatsix Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Student Writer
I am freaking out oh dear lord all of my babies are in this so far asdfghjkl <3
This is so amazing! I love it!!
Especially when Kellin says, "Boys, suit up!" omfg I died
NicoleMeAtParamore Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Student Writer
i'm trying to work the next part, but it's gonna be good!
blessmeatsix Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Student Writer
I can't wait to read it!
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